Weeks 7-8

Wow 2 months into the new year already where did those weeks go?

So what have I been up to, well…

Week 7

I finally got out into the outdoors, I went for a walk near Brantingham dale It was pretty cold and windy so i didn’t stay too long as i didn’t want to get absolutely frozen! I like this time of year as its when you start to see everything start over again. Only just but its starting I think that’s a better signal for the new year than anything else. I stopped and had a cuppa and a contemplation as I took in the surroundings I had forgotten my camera so there are no pictures unfortunately I’ll have to remember for next time for sure. That was it really for week 7 it was a bad week weather wise so not much went on.

Week 8

Well after 3 days of stormy weather in a row I’m glad that nothing of the house was damaged. It managed to calm down on Monday so for the rest of the week I mainly did chores around the house. The biggest job was a bit of garden remodelling so at least it felt like I was outdoors we had to remove a Pyracantha bush. It was good fun as I got to use my Bahco Laplander and then proceed to burn all branches so I took the opportunity to practice my fire making skills. Later in the week I decided to buy one of those small plastic greenhouses for this years crops as they weren’t doing very well in the house at all. The Tomatoes had began to wilt, I think from the constant change in temperature and lack of sunlight. So I made the decision to put everything outside in the new greenhouse and just hope that if there are frosty nights the greenhouse can protect them from it sufficiently. So as for an update regarding the crops I currently have Tomatoes, Sprouts, Strawberry, Cauliflowers and Cucumbers all in sprout form moved into larger pots to give them plenty of room to grow. I’ve looked into canning and I hope to have a go at something similar shortly or at least this year sometime maybe make a batch of strawberry jam or something of the sort. Anyway that’s it for this fortnight I’m sorry its a bit of a wall of text and thanks if you’ve read this far. Hopefully shortly I will have some better content.

Thanks again for reading


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Weeks 5-6

Firstly let me just say sorry for the late post time, I had a very busy weekend and its only just calming down. The good news however is that nothing much has been really going on. I’ve just been getting the new veggies ready for the upcoming years harvest. In the propagators at the moment are sprouts( I love them don’t see why people hate them!) and cauliflower. The sprouts have taken so well and germinated within a few days as did the cauliflower. However the sprouts are nearing the top of the propagator after only 5 days in so I’m not sure what to do with those guys just yet I may just leave them in as they are too young to move at the moment. The cauli’s are about half that size and I’m really happy with both. There is a current weather warning for southern Britain and this has made me think of that scenario as a prepper dealing with floods is difficult. It gets everywhere and ruins everything so main concerns I feel would be food and water which has highlighted a very big hole in my preps and I must concentrate more on food stores that are sealed water tight. At the current time I have no such items I don’t even have any food preps and I can’t believe I’ve over looked it this long. So the coming weeks I shall be starting to store such items and will show progress on here. That’s about it really for this fortnight it’s been quiet but that’s not a bad thing now and then. I wish all the best to the people effected in the floods and I hope you get the help needed to get back on your feet after what seems months of endless floods.
All the best


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Week 3-4

Week 3

Firstly sorry that the post is a day late I had no internet yesterday but I managed to tether my mobile to my computer to get a connection.

So week 3 what happened, Well unfortunately not a lot. Nothing Bushcraft related anyway so this week will be a small update. The only thing really is the Tomato’s that I planted in week 2. They weren’t growing in the kitchen I think it was way too cold so I decided to move them to my bedroom and with in a day going from what i thought were all dead the germinated within the day and haven’t stopped growing like crazy since I moved them!

Day 1:                                                              Day 4!

IMAG0002      IMAG0001

Week 4

A small update on the Tomatoes and now the Strawberries! the Strawberries finally came through I thought it was too early but they’ve finally germinated. I think it really helped moving them the Strawberries are very small at the minute but if they’re anything like the Tomatoes then they will catch up in no time the Strawberries are on the left:

Strawberries:                                        Tomatoes!

IMAG0007     IMAG0005

I am so surprised on how they are doing I hope that the strawberries catch up soon as there is only 1 at the moment I hope we get more. That’s it really this week nothing else has happened unfortunately. I hope to get out sometime soon though however so hopefully Ill have some videos on the go soon

All the best, stay safe


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Weeks 1-2

Hey guys I’m back with another post. Firstly I should say my schedule that I worked out over the holidays. I intend to update every 2 weeks that way I should have a longer post and more things to talk about rather than every week and shorter posts.

Week 1

So on with the blog, The first week of the new year was quite a hectic one, my mother had a car accident on new years day of all days and concequently I spent the remainder helping her get the car sorted. I did however find some time to make some hard tack which this time finally came out how it should do. My recipe was:

    • 2 cups of flour
    • ¾ cup water
    • ¾ teaspoon of salt (optional
    • Mix all the ingredients into a dough and press onto a cookie sheet to a thickness of ½ inch.
    • Bake in a preheated oven at 400°F (205°C) for half an hour. Don’t cut now
    • Remove from oven, cut dough into 3-inch squares, and punch four rows of holes, four holes per row into the dough (a fork works nicely).
    • Flip the crackers and return to the oven for another half hour.

    I got the recipe from here and I find this has worked out best from previous recipes that I have found. Here is my finished product!

    20140112_153323 I think by far this is my best attempt others I had the salt wrong or too much flour but this works well I encourage you to have a go its super fast.

    The next thing I did later in the week was sort my camping and bug out bags out. My plan was to put all the extra camping things into one bag like the egg holder, kettle, inflatable pillow and things of that nature into one bag and then put all of my bug out items into another. This may sound strange and counter-intuitive but as I not only go camping but attend car shows I end up taking my b.o.b with me to every car show and get some very funny looks when I have my knives and things like that with me so for the sake of space and less funny looks Laughing out loud I separated them out and now I can take the bag to shows and not have excess items with me.


    Week 2

    Week 2 this week, I put my first seeds into the propagators the first to go in were the Tomatoes and Strawberries and are currently just germinating. Hopefully I will soon see a full tray of little sprouts and plenty of produce for later in the year, here’s hoping! After these two the next to go in I believe are cauliflowers, carrots and peppers. In the end I hope to be at least, semi self sufficient and learn along the way as well as save some money.

    Now to today the 12th, I decided to make another batch of beef jerky and this time I have tried a new recipe I marinated the beef yesterday in a BBQ sauce for 12 hours and then today I dipped them into a spice mix and popped them into my dehydrator for 8 hours. Here they are in mid dry out. They have about another 5 hours to go at this point but it already looks great.

    20140112_153347        20140112_153353

    Well that’s it for now thanks for reading and Ill speak to you soon.

    Stay sharp, stay safe


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    Happy New Year!

    What an interesting year it has been, there’s been ups and downs but hopefully that’s all in the past now it definitely lived up to its number reputation this year. A slow year for myself with anything bushcraft wise being put aside as I had a lot of things going on early in the year from the previous year and car trouble for the remainder.

    So this year I want to make things much much better, I want to concentrate on going on some camps and getting some great videos and content put up for anyone whose interested. I also intend to make something of the YouTube channel or look into how I can take my interests and make it a job because why not!

    Oh I also picked up a Zebra can and a Kuksa over Christmas so I’m looking forward to using those in the new year!

    My goals and resolutions for this year are pretty standard:

    • get in shape
    • more camping
    • get a job

    So lets see how it goes and to all I wish a happy new year take care of yourselves and have fun!


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    It seems like I say this every couple

    It seems like I say this every couple of months but I really should keep up with this blog. The thing being is I keep getting caught up with silly tasks and life keeps getting in the way too! I think what I need to do is set aside some time maybe every 2 weeks to begin with for some time to go camping or walking.

    I plan on camping at the end of this month on the bank holiday so I’ll hopefully have some decent content to post in the last few days of May. I’ll keep this short as I don’t want to ramble on with no content so see you in a few weeks time!



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    Happy New Year!!!

    I am happy to see the back of 2012, what a year! for the world and in my personal life. I don’t think I can remember one good bit maybe the Olympics but that’s about it I would say.

    Well like every year I make some resolutions and this year I plan to stick to them they are as follows:

    1, Keep on track with this blog

    2, Expand said blog to possibly video diaries or tutorials,

    3, Get back into a decent shape

    4, push hard to succeed in my personal business.

    I think those are pretty easy to stick by and i think ill be able to accomplish all of them within the year.

    Now on to the topic of the blog after my ramblings! So I recently bought a pendant from one of the guys on a bush craft forum its a bone Mjolnir pendant. My plan is because it is pretty light, to add my own items to it. I plan on witling some runes or something of that nature out of wood and then adding them to it to give it a bit more weight as I find that it ends up all over the place due to it being so light.


    The weather here has been very damp and wet its getting a bit boring now as it just takes the joys out of a lot of things. Hopefully we can catch a break and get some dry weather to dry everything out. I went out today and got the wood I mentioned above and plan on processing it down tonight ready to give my self a weekend project. I have attached a picture of the before of the pendant and will do a more extensive one once it is finished.



    Thanks for reading,

    Stay safe,Stay sharp


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    The day to day…


    Not too much to report today, I’m currently moving out of my shop to move to online trading (hopefully and at some point) so this is taking most of my time up. What with all the packing of the stock and making sure all the accounts are closed I don’t think I could of picked a worse time to close up its so hectic this time of the year.

    It is however a good time to go for walks I like to walk in winter, its cold but much better than in the hot summer months which to be honest seem to have forgotten to appear this year! It’s also a good time to practice some of the skills making fires in particular is different in winter than it is in summer. Not a great deal different but enough so to cause trouble if your not thinking straight about it. Shelter too is different I find in winter the more intricate shelters are much more suffice where a tarp or tent just wont do anymore.

    I like the Debris shelter personally they take a while to make and ideally for longer stays but, with a fire outside and plenty of debris they are very warm and you could easily stay a night in one during winter.

    Sorry its a small, boring update but not everyday is amazing and this helps towards my keep schedule as well. Thanks for stopping by

    Stay safe, stay sharp


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    Small update and yet another apology


    Hey guys,

    Well what can I say, yet again I’m sorry for being very quiet. However I am now working from home so will hopefully have a lot more time to post videos and blogs. I intend to blog Monday,Wednesday and Friday and then once that’s down to a science I’ll then sort out a video schedule but until I have the blogs down I don’t want to promise anything else. Going along the same lines as the above I have been toying with the idea of a forum to use for anyone interested in it. I don’t have a URL as yet but its definitely something I’m thinking about.

    Well that’s it for now as I have a lot going on at the moment setting things up and closing things down this is also a bit of a test as well as I’m using the Microsoft Writer program that comes with Windows mail and all that ‘stuff’.

    Thanks for reading guys

    stay sharp, stay safe


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    Apologies and new finds.

    Hi guys I apologise for the long absence. Would you believe that i got two colds within one week! Then for good measure I also had some trouble with my car as well. But now I’m back into the swing of things I actually bought a few new items not long after the last post but only just now had chance to do a write up of them.

    The first item I bought was a new Leatherman multi tool its the “Wingman”. Here is a link to their site and description of the tool: Leatherman Wingman.


    Because of the extra time until this post I’ve had a good chance to use this and it has come in handy a few times already. The vice grips are nice, You know as long as they grab stuff I’m happy, and they do not much more to say about those. It’s the other tools what make this multi-tool shine. The knife is impressively sharp right out of the box and is a nice thin blade so is ideal for the finer tasks. It has a package opener on it which is a bit useless in the outdoors however, Having said that its good for cutting cordage and things like that instead of using main blades for menial tasks. Overall I’m happy with this tool and cant really say anything bad about it, so on to the next!

    The next item I picked up was a cutlery kit which came in a little pouch which i liked.


    Firstly I apologise for the bad photos I had ran out of natural light by this time and the flash on the camera was making all sorts of trouble for the pictures.

    As you can see it all fits neatly inside a slide attached to the can opener in fact its part of the opener so no worry of breakage there. I like how this has been included in the kit as its nice to have that luxury as part of a more basic kit which you would have with you anyway. They are made of stainless and are tough and aren’t too flimsy. The pouch is pretty decent it can double as a standard pouch for carrying things it also has a belt loop so in reality you could maybe carry a knife (if you had to) as a last resort or a slingshot maybe would be more apt?

    Well, that’s all I picked up sorry its short and sweet I will try to make some sort of schedule up as I get more used to blogging. thanks for reading guys!

    Stay sharp, Stay safe




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